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Cavity Prevention

Tips for Cavity Prevention

  1. Remove ALL the plaque.  It is best to use a mechanical toothbrush, such as a Sonicare or OralB Braun, thoroughly twice a day and floss with floss holders or conventional floss once a day.  These are the most important steps to reduce your risk of decay.
  2. Use fluoride.  Make sure your toothpaste and mouthwash contain fluoride   If you are using a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste or rinse, do NOT rinse with water afterwards for the best results.  Getting in-office Fluoride treatments every 3 months have shown to greatly reduce the amount of cavities on the smoother surfaces of our teeth.  Dental insurance usually does not cover these treatments in adults; however, the cost is much less than the cost of treating the tooth once it is decayed.
  3. Make good nutritional choices.   Choose food and drinks with less sugar and acid.  Frequent snackers are more prone to decay.  While real fruit can make a great snack, fruit-flavored things are too sugary.  Candy that melts (ie. chocolate) is better for your teeth than candy that is sticky (ie. hard candy). Plain water (with no lemon) is the best option.  If you choose a flavored beverage, drinking it more quickly, reducing the amount of time your teeth are exposed to the acid and/or sugar, is best.  Drinking a glass of water after drinking or eating can help neutralize the acid and/or sugar.   
  4. Treat your dry mouth.  Many people are on medications which make their mouths dry or reduce their saliva.  Saliva is essential to reduce the cavity causing bacteria in our mouths.  Frequently drinking water and using products to promote saliva, such as sugar-free gum or Biotene products, can help.
  5. Xylitol and Oral Probiotics can reduce cavity causing bacteria.  Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute used in many gums and mints.  It has been shown to decrease tooth decay, using about 2 grams after each meal.  Hershey’s Ice Cube gums (found in the candy aisle) have about 1 gram each.  Also, there are many products at natural food stores (Whole Foods and Garners) that contain xylitol.  Oral Probiotics are taken daily and establish a more healthy balance of bacteria in our mouths.  They can be in the form of a supplemental tablet (Probiora3) or a mint or gum (Evora Plus).  These can be found online or in drugstores.  Studies have shown that by increasing good bacteria in our mouths, we can decrease the cavity causing bacteria restoring a better balance.
  6. More frequent dental visits. For people at the highest risk of dental decay, we recommend you have your teeth cleaned and checked every 3 months (along with a fluoride application).  Treating cavities when they are small is the key to conserving tooth structure and ultimately your teeth.

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