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Spring 2016

How’d You Sleep Last Night?

Read more in our Spring 2016 Newsletter.


Winter 2015

Do I Need Antibiotics Before My Visit?

Read more in our Winter 2015 Newsletter.


Spring 2015

Our 2015 Community Project: Autism Awareness

Read more in our Spring 2015 Newsletter.


Fall 2014

Should you be using an Electric Toothbrush?

Read more in our Fall 2014 Newsletter.


Summer 2013

What is eating at your teeth?

Read more in our Summer 2013 Newsletter.


Spring 2012

We are proud to announce that our practice will be switching to digital imaging this year.

Read more in our Spring 2012 Newsletter.


Spring 2011

As the amount of people drinking bottled water increases, dental offices are seeing a rise in tooth decay.

Read more in our Spring 2011 Newsletter.


May 2010

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth and cut cavities too? Find out all about Xylitol and how it can help you!

Read more in our May 2010 Newsletter.


Summer 2009

Vanish! A new flouride treatment that lets you get rid of that half-hour waiting period before eating or drinking.

Read more in our Summer 2009 Newsletter.


Fall 2007

Suffering from Dry Mouth? Find out how dry mouth may be affecting your teeth and gums and how to get rid of it.

Read more in our Fall 2007 Newsletter.


April 2007

Do Dental X-Rays make you nervous? This newsletter will explain why they aren't anything to worry about. Also, Important information about why flouride is necessary for people of all ages.

Read more in our April 2007 Newsletter.


October 2006

Are those fillings killing you? We sometimes have patients come into the office who want to have all of their ?mercury? fillings replaced. Many times it?s because they look dark, and the patients are looking to improve their smile...

Read more in our October 2006 Newsletter.


April 2006

Cosmetic Dentistry is in demand. Everyone seems to want whiter teeth, and like most things, they want them fast. But is using a laser to "instantly" lighten them really effective?

Read more in our April 2006 Newsletter.

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Greenville Dentists Dr. John Piccione, Dr. Margaret Roth, and Dr. Ryan Stenvall provide Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentistry, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns and other dental services to the Greenville and Greer areas.