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Post-Op Instructions

Home Care for Temporaries

Temporary Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, fillings are designed to cover your teeth for only a short time. Great care should be taken to clean around these temps in order to make the fitting of your final restorations go smoothly. We recommend using Listerine rinses twice daily. Also, floss by sliding the floss out from between the teeth rather than pulling it up or down, which may dislodge the temporary. If you have veneer or bridge temps, you will need to use a floss threader to access the floss between the teeth.

Your diet should exclude sticky or hard foods. Temporaries are placed on with a cement that is weak in order for us to be able to remove them. This means if you are not careful, you also can remove them. If the temporary does come loose or off, please keep it and call us to have it replaced as soon as possible. The temporaries help hold the teeth in place so that the final restorations fit properly.


Home Care Following Extractions

Post Operative Instructions

Wound Care - Bite firmly on the gauze pack that has been placed until you arrive home, then remove it gently. Replace gauze packs periodically until bleeding subsides. Do NOT go to bed with gauze sponges in your mouth. Do not smoke for 48 hours, because this will promote bleeding and interfere with healing.

Bleeding - Some blood will ooze from the area of surgery and is normal. Place a towel over your pillow tonight to prevent staining. Do not spit or suck through a straw, since this promotes bleeding. If bleeding begins again, place a warm moist gauze pack directly over the tooth socket and bite firmly for 30 minutes. You may also try this with an unused tea bag. Keep your head elevated with several pillows or sit in a lounge chair.

Discomfort - Some discomfort is normal after surgery. It can be controlled, but not eliminated, by taking the pain pills your dentist has prescribed. Take your pain pills with a whole glass of water and with a small amount of food, if the pills cause nausea. Do not drive or drink alcohol, if you take prescription pain pills.

Diet - It is important to drink a large volume of fluids. Do not drink through a straw, because this may promote bleeding. Eat normal, regular meals as soon as possible after surgery. Cold, soft food such as ice cream or yogurt may be the most comfortable for the first day.

Oral Hygiene - Do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth for the first 24 hours after surgery. After this time, rinse gently with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8 oz. of warm water) every 4 hours. Tomorrow, begin brushing your teeth gently, but avoid the area of surgery.

Swelling - Swelling after surgery is a normal body reaction. It reaches its maximum about 48 hours after surgery and usually lasts 4 to 6 days. Applying ice packs over the area of surgery for the first 12 hours helps control swelling and may help the areas to be more comfortable. Apply moist heat (heating pad, hot water bottle, etc.) to control swelling after 48 hours.

Rest - Avoid strenuous activity the day of surgery. Resume your normal activities whenever your general condition permits. Bruising You may experience some mild bruising in the area of your surgery. This is a normal response in some persons and should not be cause for alarm. It will usually disappear in 7 to 14 days. Stiffness After surgery you may experience jaw muscle stiffness and limited opening of your mouth. This is normal and will usually improve in 5 to 10 days.


Call the office if:

  • You experience excessive discomfort that you cannot control with your pain pills.
  • You have bleeding that you cannot control by biting on gauze.
  • You have increasing swelling after the third day following your surgery.
  • You feel that you have a fever.


If you have any questions.

Call our office anytime if you have questions or if any of the above complications occur. If it is after hours, our answering message will provide you with instructions on how to reach us. Thank you for allowing us to provide you with quality care.

Downtown office: (864) 235-1200

Eastside office: (864) 675-9399

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